Jumat, 14 September 2012

Three Don’ts In Car Insurance Shopping

Sometimes, it is quite depressing in finding the cheapest auto insurance. For some people, insurance industry is too complicated to understand. Hence, we should make sure that we do not do harmful things when shopping for auto insurance. There are three don’ts in auto insurance shopping.

            We should not only wait for any possible discounts offered. Do not just keep silent in order to get discounts. For instance, the insurer may not know that we do not drive our car that often. As the result, we may not be offered or given usage-based insurance unless we tell it to the insurer. There are still some discounts available and more so that if we belong to a particular association.

            We should not shop for coverage after buying a car. It relates to various premiums offered by each insured. Insured people who have similar cars may receive different premiums. We should remember that the premium is based on auto repair costs, safety records, and the like. If we shop for coverage after purchasing a car, it can be considered as too late.

            We should not skimp on coverage. Saving and asset protection should be also included in this matter. Though, being wise in purchasing coverage and premiums is the solution.

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